“Hekate” devotional incense


3/3 x 60ml amber glass jar



3/3 x 60ml amber glass jar

This is the blend of resins and herbs that our coven uses for the devotion and calling of Hekate, in particular of her sinister hypostasis – carefully prepared during a total eclipse, because we don’t worship her later attributes of (cosmic) lunar goddess, but rather her lawlessness.

All the ingredients (among them: wormwood, syrian rue, myrrh, storax and others) are macerated in red wine, olive oil and honey (related to the three words – the Heavens, the Earth and the Underworld). The soaking in these liquids gives a penetrant and sweet scent to the blend, that results slightly inebriant and intoxicant. For more information on macerated incense: On the process of soaking incense.

Available also with “Dream Incubation” blend.

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"Hekate" devotional blend only, "Hekate" devotional blend + "Dream Incubation" blend


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