“Dream Incubation” incense


3 x 60ml amber glass jar

For dream incubation praxis and oneiromancy,
and to receive omens in dream.

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3 x 60ml amber glass jar

Incense for dream incubation and oneiromancy, composed by myrrh and storax, and a selection of herbs whose virtue are related to dreaming, divination and prophecy.

Dream incubation, or simply incubation, is a well known technique of ancient times, even if with local variations, due to different cosmogonies and theologies – more than because of different procedures.
Although modern simplifications show dream incubation as a very easy technique (oriented to methods aimed to implant a “seed” in the mind to dream about a specific topic, obtaining omens during the sleep-time),
actually incubation praxis include a proper ritual, a dramaturgy not rarely based on elements characteristic of necromancy and the devotion to the (Mighty) Dead or Heroes.”

You can read the whole article here Of dream incubation, necromancy, death and healing

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