Custom orders
We accept request for custom orders of different materials: incense blends, tinctures and oils, fetiches, ritual items (necklace, rosary), pyrography (on wood, horn and bones), bones and horns carving, artworks.
Due to previous experience, custom orders are processed only by paying a deposit equal to half the value. When the order is completed, we will contact you for the payoff, and then we will proceed to the shipment.
If you need any custom order, contact us at We will proceed to negotiate privately any detail, from the design to the delivery. The producing time vary depending on the nature of the commission.

Poisonous blends & materials
We assume no liability for any incorrect use of this kind of material.
Whenever blends or other materials contains poisonous ingredients, we always indicate them and suggest how to correctly use them avoiding intoxication. These blends and materials should be intended as suggested only for advanced practitioners, and we do not recommend their use to novices.
Some general advice to correctly handling and storing poisonous materials:

  • do not ingest

  • take them out of reach from children and animals

  • always wash your hands after touching them and preferentially use gloves

  • make sure to properly label containers and/or do not remove our label from the containers

  • when you use incense blends that contains poisonous herbs, do not inhale the smoke directly and work in a well ventilated room or outdoor

  • do not use poisonous oils or tinctures on your skin and wear gloves when you need to apply them on objects

  • always study the property of the herbs and their physiological effects

  • even if the folklore and the magical praxis sometimes suggest using them on skin or ingest, we strongly advice against it, and we assume no liability

Which payment methods do you accept?
Paypal only, because it is secure for both parties.
If you want to pay by bank transfer, inbox us at, and we will provide you all the needed information.

In which States do you ship / don’t ship?
In general, we ship everything in every country but some States have specific restrictions. Before buying from our shop, please inquire about these restrictions, because after the payment we do not accept any cancellation, and we do not refund those shipments stopped at customs.

Cancellations & returns
We accept cancellations only within 24h from the payment.
We do not accept returns.

Shipping times & tacking
The material in stock is usually dispatched within 3-7 business day, while the delivery times depends on the destination country. Since we use an express shipper (in general UPS), every shipping should be delivered in 1-2 weeks. These shipping times are estimates.
The material out of stock is takes from 5 to 15 days to be dispatched.
For custom orders, you should refer to private agreements, but in general we keep you informed about the state of your order.
When your order is dispatched, we will send you an email with the tracking to allow you to check the status of the shipment.

Shipping cost refund
The shipping cost is automatically calculated based on the country of destination and the details (overall dimensions and weight) of the purchased items. In case the amount paid for the shipping exceeds the real amount paid by us to the courier, we will provide to refund you of the difference.

Who to contact in case of problems with orders or shipments?
If the problem depends on customs, we do not take any liability: before buying from our shop, always inquire about the specific restrictions of your country. If there is any material you can’t receive because customs restrictions, feel free to contact us in order to discuss an alternative solution.
If the problem depends on the courier service, you should contact them, because in general we can’t help you. In fact, in case the error depends on us, the courier itself will contact us. Otherwise, check your email: often the courier try to contact you if any problem occurs.
If the problem depends on our website (errors during the payment, badly priced items, incorrect purchases within 24h from the payment, incorrect shipping address, …), contact us at and describe the problem. We will answer you as soon as possible to find a solution. If we don’t reply you immediately, keep in mind that the date/hour of your email testifies over any dispute.
For any other problem, contact us.

Every artwork, photo, text, sigil, item on this website is under the copyright of Mortifer Ψ Ritual Art, except otherwise indicated. We suggest you to read our General Terms&Conditions in the point 3, to understand how you should behave with our materials.
Of course, sharing posts and items, or take photos of your purchases, is well accepted – and we thank you, because the work of artisans depends mostly on word of mouth. Also, if you would tag us, we are always glad to see the destiny of our items.
If you would, feel free to quote our text but always attribute it to us, maybe with a link.
The reproduction of artworks, photos and sigils is not allowed at all, except under a written permission, so feel free to inbox us at to ask for it.

Why don’t you indicate all the ingredients in your blends?
For previous plagiarism and copyright infringement problems.
Of course, we will always write all the poisonous, toxic or “problematic” ingredients. If anyone would have more notice about the ingredients in our blends, we are open to questions and glad to inform you about our work.