From time to time someone inquires if Nexus Arcanum and Mortifer are the same, why the websites are owned by the same person, if they buy materials and resell them, why we contribute to their shop sometimes, and more about the existing relations.

We could answer to “mind your own business”, but we are tired to read assumptions and rumors in certain messages we receive. So we would like to clarify our agreement and the truth of the matter.

– 2/3 members of Nexus are part of Mortifer’s coven, that is the opposite of a mystery

– one of Nexus’s members has been kind and gracious enough to accept to be our figurehead for the ownership of the website and shipments

– Mortifer operates in almost total secrecy: some know the identity of some members, but the most of us prefer to remain in complete anonymity. We have already specified that we are not on the net for the show, bur rather with the aim to share experience, information and make available to the public certain items

– shipments and the store are managed by Nexus, because they are already familiar with the issue, and they have time to do it in the best way possible

– Nexus serves as our “werehouse”: the most of the materials are shipped to them and then sent to Mortifer’s buyers when purchased. Basically, they share their space and skills with us

– to thank for their commitments, sometimes we produce specific materials for their store

– from our point of view, it is quite normal to exchange materials and skills being part of the same coven

– Nexus’s work is not representative of Mortifer, and neither is the reverse. Nexus is a personal project of two members. As other members have their own projects, in which the coven is not involved. The relation between Mortifer and Nexus is known exclusively because of shipments and payments: on the contrary no one would make connection, as in many other cases. By that, we mean to invite you to consider these projects for what they are individually, in all their differences, strengths and weakness

We’ve already been in the midst of controversy: we want let our work speak for us. The so called “occult stage” is full of rumors: they always will be, but we are genuinely disinterested in them.

Now we’ve cleared once and for all this “secret-not-so-secret”. We hope that in case of other issues those responsible will inquire us, instead of spreading rumors.

Obviously, we will never reveal publicly those who are part of Mortifer, as in the past certain individuals asked us. This is due to the inner nature of Mortifer, that takes into great account the sacredness of the sinister coven. For our own and inner nature, we operate as much as possible in secrecy and silence. You’ll never find pictures of our faces, nor hashtag of our locations, nor information on our rituals, nor any other information that can lead back to our identity, except for vague information of those who are our faceheads – and even then, as vaguely as possible.

We would like to emphasize that the matter is not our identity, but the message we try to convey.

At last, we decided to make this specification now because we’re setting new projects with Nexus, in which we’ll share more skills and materials between the stores, and we really would avoid any other rumor and clarification.

With the next post we will return to the topic: necromancy and death cults.