“For, alone of gods, Thanatos loves not gifts;
no, not by sacrifice, nor by libation, canst thou aught avail with him;
he hath no altar nor hath he hymn of praise;
from him, alone of gods, Peitho [Persuasion] stands aloof.”


After a year of hard work and several rituals conducted in the wilderness, in these last months a new awareness has grown in us.
As our philosophy is always been “anticosmic” or “against the Cosmos”, in all its appearance, we have always been adverse to labels and “human categorizations” too, because they are nothing than another form of egoic self-validation, differentiation through the process of division and ultimately another form of illusion.
As for the Gnostics of Irenaeus, we strongly believe that the only useful distinction is between “pneumatics” and “somatics”, between those of the Spirit beyond the matter and every limit, and those who are ruled by the Demiurge and lost in the cosmic maze.

Considering this, we decided to definitely break every chain that may limit our self-expression and leave behind every identification that may associate us with any other spiritual reality. This decision is not about respect or disrespect, acknowledgment or denial. It is exclusively about the necessity to manifest in our lives the Gnosis received in these months, bringing ἀνομία on a whole new level.

On the other hands, the situation in the so called “occult stage” is quite ridiculous, with so many people, fake-masters, orders and authors that spread bullshit and serve Money as their only god.
To be coherent with ourselves, our Gods and the Spirit we aim to serve, the Gnosis of our coven and even our Mighty Dead, we decided to take distance from all these bullshit. We serve Death, the Great Destroyer, and Death loves no gift, nor you can persuade Death to give you something you don’t deserve. No offering or libation is enough. The only accepted sacrifice is Life and the dedication of the whole existence, that must be conducted under the insignia and with the ethos of Death.
After all, as we used to say, we are an “acratic” coven, so we recognize no masters, no laws, no limits, no rules except those who belong to the Spirit of Death. In fact, we are united under the name of “Mortifer”, that is not exclusively the Death Bringer, but also the Ultimate Destroyer of society.

These reasons lead us to another awareness. From several months we perform our most important rituals only in the wilderness, in dark caves, abandoned ruins and mounds, in particular places where the local folklore emerges, in the depths of the wood far from every marked path. This is essential because it’s the only way to left behind the mundane, the human rules and the social norms, and face the inner self, the ultramundane and the possibility of a sudden death. The aim is to acquire a φύσις, destroy the νόμος, and then go beyond the φύσις too.

To all those who state to worship Death, we would say that there’s no glory or meaning in praying and serve exclusively when safe in your bedroom, as a rebel teenager would do, out of sight of parents. Everything is acceptable when a devotee is young and without any other possibility, but when you grow up becoming an adult, and you confirm your choice and faith, you should face the true mayhem and Death. And Death can’t express at its best in a safe house or among the mankind.
Go out, take a journey into the woods at night, walk with the wolves; or climb a mountain, bringing with you a heavy backpack full of offerings and libations; or choose an abandoned place far from the city and face the true darkness. Leave fear behind and simply go in search of mayhem and Death, or understand your limit and accept that you’re nothing but a somatic ruled by fear, and abdicate to your nature. Dishonor dwells in illusion and false claims.

In the end, an afterword for those who accused us to be “without any identity” in the past. We strongly want to be with no “identification” (that you may misunderstand for “identity”), because we strongly want to go beyond every mundane label for we refuse to be ruled by demiurgic and mundane schemes.

We may seem undefined, rude and too severe, but this is what we are, with no shame or resentment.

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Veneficus Malus · 2 March 2020 at 1:44 AM

Greetings. Here in Brazil we were amazed and happily surprised to find such an account. Years ago we founded a temple of kimbanda and worshiped the lords of the cemetery, with the passing of the years we went deeper into the worship of powerful spirits and the cult of death. About a month ago after a retreat in an abandoned cemetery in the interior of São Paulo (we camped there 13 days with a total fast of 05) and intermittent for the rest of the days, we reached the same conclusion that they reported here. We completely detached ourselves from the folk cult to exus and pombagiras and we passed only to the cult of death, without a label. We keep the name of our temple, QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES, because we understand that the spirits that came to us are messengers of death and nothing but death. I was very grateful personally to have found your account because I was judged by many as insane …
So my thanks to you and continue the work of bringing Death to everything and everyone, until all matter is emptied of the spark of the spirit, freeing us in Primal Chaos. Hail to DEATH!

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