In general Satanism completely refuse the Greater Key of Solomon, and all those grimoires emerging from an abramitic background, that calls for the majesty of the God IHVH and the power of his Angels to perform a wide range of operations. The general pretence is to don’t use this material because it “binds” Demons to the power of the magicians through the intervention of IHVH, the true enemy of every Satanist.
I am fully agree with part of this statement: from my philosophical point of view, IHVH, or God the Demiurge, is the true enemy of mankind, for all those reasons shown by Gnosticism thoughts. I recognize myself in that philosophy, so I maintain a strong opposition against everything that calls for the power of IHVH.

As we wrote when we shown the crafting process of the golden letters on a wand crafted according to the Greater Key of Solomon (GkoS), “even if we do not embrace anymore this Tradition, we know it intimately and recognize its foundamental importance (both for ideas and methods) for Sinister Traditions. For this reason, time to time, we accept commission of ‘goetic’ tools and regalia. It is somehow ironical for us when people who follow RHP (mindset) or cosmic traditions ask for our help, to us who are followers of LHP, shamanic, folkish and anticosmic ways. But our pathway is based on service and devotion, for the major glory of El Acher”.
This is particularly valid and important for me.

Make planetary talismans without following the whole Tradition shown in the GkoS (as I did in the past) has always been a true challenge for me. My ideology bring me far away from the GkoS, even if I recognise the full validity and the traditional importance of all Renaissance grimoires with an abramitic setting. Those grimoires are the actual foundation of many modern Traditions or at least they take ideas and praxis from them. Magic is abut flux and reflux, conceptions are exported in other contexts and influenced by historical and cultural circumstances.
The ability of a Magician is also the ability to elect a tool for its Arte and craft it in the classical manner (with the same mindset of rules) applying its own conceptions, faiths and praxis to improve the Work. Magic is not about staticity, on the contrary it is a constant movement forward. It is inclusive and, for this reason, it becomes exclusive – i.e. aristocratic.

I begun to work on planetary talismans when I was very young, too much young to understand in depths. It was any years ago, when I was the apprentice of an Alchemist, at least for a few months. He taught me of the correct GkoS praxis, of the election times, the methods for casting metals, how to engrave them and consecrate them in order to temper their power.
Basically his Work was pure Arte.
Our ways divided because circumstances and for years I produces no talismans because I felt completely inadequate and unable to correctly cast them.

Then during the first months of 2018, a nice piece of abalone shell attired my attention and inspired me to reintroduce this praxis in my ritual and craft work. I had an hard time for the whole 2018 with my crafts and I completed the talisman after more than one year. A long journey that taught me a lot about patience and the meaning of a so long working on a single piece.

Sometimes end is just the possibility of a new beginning, the purification of the whole work and the release of the inner power of the tool. Sacrifice has so many faces as the offerings that everyone daily bestows to the Divine.

I don’t know if my way will bring me to produce more talismans in the future. For sure I would work again on metal pentacles carved with classical or alchemic methods, and currently I’m working to find all the needed materials.

For now, I’m just proud to show you this pentacle, that I consider one of my best talismanic work.



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Made in abalone shell.
This pentacle has been worked and ritualized in more than one year, in the proper times (day and hour of the Moon, during election periods) and in the respect of the classical crafting methods.

From the Great Key of Solomon:
The Fifth Pentacle of the Moon serveth to have answers in sleep. Its Angel Iachadiel serveth unto destruction and loss, as well as unto the destruction of enemies. Thou majesty also call upon him by Abdon and Dalé against Phantoms of the departed from Hades.
The image of the Fifth Pentacle of the Moon is the Divine Name IHVH and Elohim, a mystical character of the Moon and the Names of Angels Iachadiel and Azrael. The versicle from Psalm LXVIII 1: Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered; let them also who hate Him flee before Him.

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