This will be a very long post: forgive us, but after the messages we received, some clarifications are needed.

As our followers on Instagram and Facebok know, since the beginning of the Season of the Dead, on Octobee 2018, we’re working on many items related to the Death Cult, the Cult of Qayin, and, most genetically, to Necromancy. In particular, we’re studying new crafting processes focussing on the carving of bones and the making of (white) clay statues.

First we want to thank you for the interest you show in our work during these months. In January 2018, Mortifer was a one-person artistic project, but at the beginning of the new year, we can finally say that it’s now crystallized in a very different form, being a project that is directly managed by an handful of people spreader around Europe, and that involves a whole coven for those major rituals vital for the correct set up of certain praxis and the most complex ritualization of certain fetishes.

After a whole year, an explanation about the nature of our work is needed for sure. Basically we upload on sale the same things that we use for our practice. It means that we produce some extra materials. This is particularly valid for incense blends, but it applies also to ritual items, such as the crown of Acacia horrida thorns. Beside the possibility to sell some product and gain money sufficient to keep on our devotion and ritual praxis buying the best materials, we work here on Mortifer with the aim to share some elements of our personal Gnosis, and offer support to those who work according to Necromancy, Qliphotic Antiqabalah and, eventually, to the Currents 182/218. Have we any official authorization from TFC, TotBL or any other organization? No, and we have never claimed to have it, nor let it be understood to have it. Also, we don’t accept any new member and we are not collaborating with anyone now, and any change will be announced on our website. There’s an organization, in one of our countries, that in the past used a motto very similar to that presented in our website on the “About page”, where we mentioned Legion: since we received different questions about our relationship, we are now in the need to specify that that organization is not related to Mortifer in any way, nor we maintain any relationship with them. The only organization with which we maintain exchanges is Nexus Arcanum, because their members are active part of our coven and our public faces due to the need to be present on Facebook. Any other organization suggesting to cooperate with us or pretend to be a member of our coven is lying, and we do not take responsibility for what they do, although they are compatriots of some of our members.

Basically Mortifer is Mortifer: we talk for our own Gnosis and work accordingly the guidelines of those Traditions we affirm to follow, implementing those knowledges and praxis we consider adequate for our pathway, based on (anticosmic) Gnosticism. Talking of specific Traditions such as those shown in Liber Falxifer 1-3, The Book of Sitra Achra and Þursakyngi serie, we know what it is write in books, so don’t inquire us if we know something more! Maybe our experience can answer, but we are not an official source nor aware of inner secrets of the Temples. Your questions should be directed to TFC, TotBL and Ekortu directly, because only them are allowed to explain you something more than what’s already open to public through their books. The same must be extended to all other sources of knowledge.

Especially for the Death Cult and Qayin worship (although if we can extend this topic to many other pathways) it is really difficult to find certain materials or objects. For our own praxis, we spent years developing all the needed skills: of course personal study, meditation and practice can’t be substituted, but not everyone has the possibility to buy a Dremel and begin to carve bones, or to find and/or buy certain materials, or to learn how to work with clay, and so on. Also, different people have different talents, and it’s absurd to think that every devotee must be able to perfectly carve bone and wood, and craft gorgeous statues, and perfect incenses, and even engrave metals, etc. This natural lack of ability is proper of the human nature, but don’t influence the approach to the Ultramundane. Devotion goes far beyond the ability to craft something, but sometimes many tools are needed to support worship and spellworking, as focus points through which project the whole Self toward the goal. There are many levels of devotion, as well as many different ways to practice magic: right or wrong depend on the results achieved.

Our devotion suggested us to put our skills to the service of other practitioners, and so we are doing, following our Vision, but this doesn’t mean that we will accept to infringe any copyright. We refused in the past, and we will always refuse. Any recipe and sigil that comes from a book under copyright is itself under copyright: we will never replicate them for sale, so  even don’t ask us. Ask us for specific ingredients and tools, but not to replicate recipes under copyright or to perform certain rituals instead of you.

Currently we are in the making of  two statues of Qayin, as announced M. is working hard on them. Thy are for a couple of new members of our group and, for now, we strongly won’t take any commission. First we must be sure that we are able to complete the work properly, according to the guideline in Liber Falxifer 1 as well as following our own inspiration, and the ultramundane guidance and instructions we receive step by step. Furthermore, there are tons of unexpected events to face up during the process, and this means some delays. Probably we will be able to give you more details about this subject after 18.2.2019, our deadline.

Because someone asked us, what we’re going to sell, if we will be able to complete them, are statues based on the fashion of Qayin, but not consecrated according to his Holy Cult nor to any official guidelines. So, no, we won’t consecrated the statue instead of you: every pathway is strictly personal, and we strongly believe in this. In this case we are “only” artisans. Whenever we talk of consecration, we refer to our personal praxis (that in general includes also but not only all those guidelines openly declared in books), because we take very seriously both the purity and consecration of the crafter, as well as those of the materials and the final results. It is our personal way to work, that may have no relevance others, but we will continue like this because it is part of our pathway.

This extends to all the statues for every cult, whoever they represent.

If everything goes well with the couple of statues that we’re crafting for us, we will contact those who expressed interest in a commission (in order of contact), to agree on details, symbolism and paraphernalia carried by the fetish, and define the timeline, the price and everything else. Of course, if in the past you asked our availability for such commission and you’re no longer interested, there’s no obligation. It will be just a remainder.

Basically, every statue will be unique and underbelly crafted by Mortifer, from the clay to the paraphernalia: this means a lot of hours of work and some months of awaiting. It means also that every statue will be crafted accordingly to general requests of the devotee (except for those details impossible to replicate with clay, because of physical characteristics), but never consecrated by us through the methods of any Tradition.

Concerning payés, we are definitely able to carve them from bones. It is a long work on small pieces and details, because we won’t make talismans bigger than 5cm*5cm, at least for now. Currently we are not working on different designs for the payés: to shape them as the Left-Handed Reaper seems a good choice for the most appearance of Qayin, as well as for San La Muerte  and other sinister gods related to the Death Cult. Every bone will be consecrated according to our praxis, ritually carved, and then the payé will be consecrated again and definitely dedicated to the Death Cult. This excludes any proper consecration according to specific Traditions such as that presented in Liber Falxifer 1-3.

Furthermore, even if the word “payé” is generically referred to every kind of amulet, made for different purposes and with different subjects, our coven is used to refer this term specifically to those amulets having the shape of the Left-Handed Death or the Mighty Skeleton, and consecrated to the Death Cult. We are aware that this is a stretch of the anthropological realty, that we apply for an easier understanding. Also, we use to carve payés through a specific ritual approach, that involves much more than the mere carving process. We take this process very seriously, from the beginning to the very end, and we ask the carver to attain to specific ritual praxis during the whole carving process. That’s why we always differentiate between payés and rosaries, that require an higher attention to the ritualistic praxis, from talismanic necklace, for which we attain to less strict rules.

Working on payés and rosaries is first of all a way to support other devotees in their worship. For this reason, whenever possible, we will accept commissions for custom pieces, in order to provide a tool adequate to every request. Concerning beads in hard and semi-precious stone, we bought them directly from India, thanks to a well stocked supplier with good quality materials. Once agreed for the bead to use, we will ask a deposit to buy them, and begin our work. The delivery time of the beads takes in general of 2-3 months: this means that when you place an order for payé + rosarium, we need 2-3 months to complete it and ship your parcel.

For those beads made from woods or bones, everything will depend on their availability in our areas, and/or the possibility to find and purchase them. Remember that even if we are able to carve round beads from bones, their price is higher due to the difficulty. But there are a few possibilities to buy beads made in undefined bones from the web, at acceptable costs, and eventually refine them.

Since a good rosarium and payés in general means a lot of customization, we ask you to be comprehensive and as clearer as possible in your request. Also, keep in mind that time to time we will put on sale rosaries and payés made according to our own inspiration, or payés without necklace. For now, we are in the making of three pieces, two personal and one already reserved: commissions will be accepted starting from March.

Finally, few words about commissions. We are always glad to accept your commissions, not exclusively concerning payés and statues, but extending to everything else. Like Legion, we are many, so we can manage a wide range of requests, at least until we are able to find materials and in possession of adequate knowledges.
If a work won’t be suitable with our philosophy, we will refuse it.
If you want to have more information on this subject, or ask for commissions, just inquire us at info[at] or shoot us a message on Instagram or Facebook.

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